Jörg Palm and Marie Kříženecká - Tango Argentino

Jörg and Maja founded STUDIO12 in 2015 as a real Tango dedicated space. Jörg teaches dancing professional already since 1994. He is the super versatile and experienced dancer and teacher. IDO-World Champion Breakdance 2007, Winner of Ballroom Ranking-Lists and Salsa teaching for 10 years. Sure he also danced at World Championship Tango in Buenos Aires. He loves what he is doing. DANCING! Now Tango only for many years. With Maja teaching Tango in Prague from 2013. Let their experience make you dance TANGO!

Marie - Maja - Krizenecka

Marie is Co-Founder of Studio12 and can share a lot of experience in Tango with you. She dances both Modern and Classic Tango on high level. She danced some years shows together with Jörg.

Zuzka Kleinova

Zuzka is amazingly creative and gives us a lot of Tango workouts and exercises. She lives Tango and as a Medical Doctor she knows the Body and Structures of Muscles perfectly, which is a big help for students. She is very helpful in our classes and people love her genuine support for their dance.

Josef - Pepa - Krupicka

Josef -Pepa- Krupicka is Maries husband and is very skilled in explaining complex moves and very patient and helpful. He teaches on Thursdays every second week with Zuzka and they are great team.