Jörg Palm a Marie Kříženecká - Tango Argentino

Zakladatelé Studio12. Jörg uci tanec professionalni od roku 1994. On byl taky Breakdance IDO-World Champion 2007, ucitel Salsu vic nez 10 let a nejvyssi ballroom class dancer. Nyni jenom Tango, 8 hodin za den! Maja tancuje vic nez 10 let Tango a uci s Jörgem od 2013. Oba miluje TANGO!


Lucia dances with Jörg since end of 2016, teachings since 2017 together. They are new Tango / Nuevo combination, dancing on dance festivals, showing new ways of Tango, new music and styles.

Ondrej Vicenik

Elegant, technically skilled and smooth, that is Ondrej. Dancing many years tango, he can give you fast and clear improvement of your dance. He is often seen on local Milongas, international Tango Marathons and for sure in our courses as sensitive and helpful teacher.

Sergey Royz

Young dynamic and helpful dancer, Sergey is known in Prague for his modern style of tango.

Tereza Luzna

Tereza joined Tango in Studio12, became addicted to it, assistent and also Jörgs life partner. She assists in his classes open, helpful and friendly.

Van Anh Nguyenova

Van is one of Pragues fastest growing and dance addicted Tango dancers. We are proud that she joined our team as youngest teacher for courses and sharing the spirit and energy of Tango.

Martin Vaigl

V minulosti jsem se věnoval standardním, latinskoamerickým tancům a rokenrolu. Když jsem před léty objevil argentinské tango, řekl jsem si, že tohle je fakt dobrý. Vše co si ti dva vzájemně na parketu povolí je dovoleno a že přes spoustu pravidel, které argentinské tango má, nemá zároveň pravidlo žádné.